Some Things To Know About DDA

It still surprises me that after all this time we have clients who are unaware of our vast array of services. Among the things you should know about DDA are the following:

1. We are totally an American company. We do not outsource graphic design, programming, SEO work, not even big runs of print requests. Everything is done in house by qualified, skilled professionals. And print production is handled by American print companies.

2. We believe our extensive portfolios are our best sales people. They showcase not only the talent behind the projects, but also the care that goes into creating websites, video presentations, in-studio and on-location photography and video, flash animations, etc. that are original and meaningful in the medical and corporate arenas.

3. DDA has degreed professional writers on staff that tackle every subject from fine jewelry for a client retailer to adhesives and steel production, and in the medical side from prostate cancer to immunization for toddlers to pain management. And this content is written so Google and the other search engines find it quickly.

4. We are pioneers in virtual simulation technology, an exciting new way of teaching difficult medical processes to clinicians, nurses and technicians.

5. We don’t believe in voice mail. You’ll always talk to a real human if you work with us. and we try to respond to our clients needs quickly and accurately not only during the project phase but months and years into the relationship.

There’s more, but so your eyes don’t glaze over, I’ll stop here, and encourage you to pick up the phone and talk to our business development team if you have questions.