Something Old, Something Always New

Search engine optimization is something that has been around for no more than 10 years. In these 10 years, it has morphed from a very simple process where one just needed to submit a URL to various engines and a spider would “crawl” the site, extract links, and then index that information. As time passed, site owners began to realize the value of having highly ranked websites.

Early search algorithms required webmasters to provide information such as meta-tags or to index files in engines. Search engines suffered from abuse and ranking manipulation because they relied exclusively on webmasters. In order to provide higher quality results to searchers, search engines adapted their results pages.

Today, search engines have incorporated many additional factors into their algorithms that they do not disclose, which makes it much more difficult for webmasters to manipulate their sites to gain rankings.

From the beginning, before there was a term for it, DDA has been a pioneer in the search engine optimization industry. Today, DDA’s core revolves around SEM. You want to build a new website? Make sure it is designed, developed, and written with optimization in mind. Want to redesign your website? Make sure that optimization is factored in. If you build a poorly structured website it will be difficult to achieve quality optimization, regardless. You need to focus on every component to achieve the highest quality results that are available.

Between DDA’s web developers, graphic designers, copywriters, and search engine marketing team, we can help you create a one of a kind site that will achieve results and bring you business.