spoiled by our wizards

 The definition of an “old” site may only be the equivalent of a few years, but in this era of light speed technological advancements, you have to be on top of your game. The difference  between old and new is apparent on the outside, but is even critical on the inside. It’s like a car, the body may look passable, but if the motor and transmission are old and failing, then it’s not doing anyone any good. So you just have not only a forgettable website, but a boring, barely functional one as well. Your not going to catch anyone’s attention with that, at least not the good kind.

When I need to work on an old site, the resulting frustration always makes me appreciate the expertise of our talented artists and coordinators here at DDA. I am spoiled by our wizards here at DDA who use the most current technology and our expert abilities to create mind-blowing presentations that are completely customized with any combination of 3d medical animations, medical device videos, digital photography, virtual medical simulations, search engine optimized copywriting, custom medical illustrations, healthcare elearning and more. Everything is always easy on the eyes as well as the fingers, your patience, and best of all, your brain.