Start from Step 1

Building an online presence is no easy task and can take months, or even years, of work to get you there. Many web developers or new business owners make the mistake of jumping the gun and building a large online destination, but then fail to support it and quickly abandon it when it doesn’t get a million hits in the first month, or they just get ahead of themselves without laying down the strong foundation. It simply can’t work like that.

When DDA search engine optimizes a new site, we tell clients time and time again that it can take a few months for search engines to index the new site and have it build rankings before it sees any success. What is needed is a strong foundation. A solid website with a lot of quality content that users are actually going to read and find value in. At first, you don’t need thousands of videos, you don’t need an eCommerce site, you don’t need fancy programs. What you need is a site that you can continue to build and develop overtime as you see an increase in traffic. You need a site that people think is worth their time. You can optimize your site and provide all the bells and whistles, but if users quickly realize that your site has no value, they’ll be gone quicker than they arrived and will likely not come back.

So you need to start from step 1. A website needs an eye-catching design and quality content that will ensure users stick around. Once you’ve captured these users, you can start building custom programs, adding social networking capabilities, and continue to make the website larger and larger. While we offer every service under one roof here at DDA, these are the kinds of clients we enjoy working with. We want your first experience to be a success so that you come back to us to take the next step. And overtime, together, we can build a successful large online presence for you that continually evolves and improves.