Start with the Foundation

Any builder knows that a house or building is only as strong as its foundation. If the foundation is not properly made and adequate time expended for the materials to settle, then the foundation may crack or not be suitable to sustain the weight of the building. This theory also applies to website design and development.

A great website is built with care, precision, and adequate research. My role in this process is to take the keywords that relate to a particular product or service, and conduct extensive and intensive keyword research. This can be a very time-consuming, daunting task, but it is essential in order to build a website with the proper and adequate content to be able to compete with the top website listing for each targeted keyword.

I guess you can call what I do for DDA, basic search engine marketing or marketing research. The amount of time and effort that goes into the research can mean the difference between top ten search engine rankings to bottom 100. At DDA, we strive to obtain top ten positions within Google and other top search engines, and to maintain and increase those rankings over time.