Sticky Notes & Moving Forward

I love sticky notes. I think everyone who works at Dynamic Digital Advertising uses them. But probably not to the extent that I do. When I’m reading emails or checking on a new area of our ever increasing website divisions, or just surfing on a weekend, I need my sticky notes. There is something comforting to me about jotting down an address, a phone number, or a question or even a “maybe I’ll buy this one day” item and lining them up on my big desk wall at DDA, or on my board at home. To be honest, I even have them stuck to the inside of kitchen cabinets.

Today, the technologically savvy folk would call me backward. I can hear the thought: get yourself a blackberry or something similar. No thanks. I love the marigold, pink, orange, fuschia and sky blue rectangles that pepper my bland desk wall.

But speaking of technology, I am a believer. I embrace all the fast forward ideas coming down the pike that hopefully make us better vendors to our many clients. Mick is constantly looking into ways to improve architecture and navigation for the sites we build. Laurence spends time making sure he is on top of the many developments happening in the world of photography and video. And our senior programmer, Amy, pushes the programming envelope constantly. Let me stop here and say, we don’t waste time with stuff, just so we can apply cool apps. We don’t believe in wishful thinking. We make judgments that propel us forward, but judgments that are balanced by reason “yes, it will be a big help” to “this is affordable”.

When David and I started this company over a decade ago, we had an expression, “We are so used to doing so much with so little for so long that we think we can do anything with nothing at all in no time flat.” Pretty much this is still true, but today in July 2008, we have the benefit of a very talented crew and meaningful technology to ease us over the many complex problems we encounter building websites, cd-roms, working with animation, adding scope to our data capabilities. I venture to guess, there are many, many bigger full advertising companies than Dynamic Digital, but there is none better.