Strawberry or Wine

Last night, I arrived home from a day at DDA to an empty house. So, I set up the laptop on the dining room table, pulled out my wedding planning folder, logged into my email, approved the save-the-date magnets, and started browsing various sites for invitations.

If you remember the other day, I mentioned that I had run into some issues with our magnets. Well, I bit the bullet and sent in approval for the simple fact that they choose to keep telling me that the PDF proof is not accurate for color purposes and should only be used to proof text and layout. So, I took their word that they will print the color I want and sent in my approval. Now I wait for 7-10 business days and hope they turn out the way I envisioned.

Please do not think that I did not try to address my issues with my vendor. I sent multiple emails to voice my concern about the color and each time I received “Please note that part of the color difference you’re seeing is due to the difference in calibration between computer screens.” I tried to explain in the nicest way possible that I am very familiar with the proofing process as I am a print estimator here at DDA. I just didn’t understand why the PDF I was sent appeared nothing like the sample on their website. They never did address the difference between my proof and the sample on the website, so in order to not waste any more time I sent in approval.

I understand that every monitor will display colors differently depending on their calibration. Here at DDA, I have two monitors and they do not match one another. I just did understand why I was looking at two of the same image on the same monitor and they appear drastically different from each other. The sample on the website appeared to be wine red and my proof looked more strawberry.

DDA prides itself on quality control and our ability to address all of our client’s questions and concerns. I cannot recall ever having a client tell us that the colors in their proof are incorrect. When you approve a proof you are approving everything; content, layout, and color.