Studio Bustle

The video studio here is quite busy behind me and will be for the entire week. Throughout the day one can constantly here the snap snap snapping of the digital camera capturing the model’s moves, poses, and actions. Our many guests are directing, watching, and providing feedback to our studio staff as we capture all the stills we will need. The green screen is unfurled and the lights are set up for this one. So one can assume that the models will be put on some sort of virtual background. Whenever I try to exit the studio I get a sneak peek of the action in progress while navigating through a throng of people. More surprises lay outside the video studio door though. The main area of the building has transformed into a dressing room, waiting room, and beauty parlor all in one. Outfits, makeup, and people are everywhere. This week is a departure from our normally calm, quiet, and orderly building, but it is an exciting one. The hustle and bustle and new faces are a welcome change and distraction from the norm. Especially welcome is the abundance of leftovers from catering for our guests, yummy.

This project, like many, is a big one for DDA and we are excited to see what the final product will look like. If you have a project that you need to be done in animation, video, digital photography, advanced programming, custom web design, SEM, copywriting, or anything else media related, then you can come to DDA to get it done for you.