Summer Pool Fun

The new cool summer pool thing to do at my house is swimming races. With perfect swimming weather hanging around almost every day, a.k.a oppressive heat, we are in the pool a lot and keep thinking of things to do. We even have someone timing the races with a stopwatch so we can set and break our own records. I know we aren’t the fastest swimmers around, but it’s all about beating our own times. Self improvement is enough of a reward and it gives us a lot of exercise. We know we can’t compete with a giant human being like Michael Phelps, so we don’t worry about it. Another popular thing is seeing how long you can hold your breath underwater. My one brother has hit a minute and a half on this competition and holds that record. Who knows what games next weekend’s pool swimming fun will bring? All I know is that according to the current trend it will probably be something competitive.

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