Superhero Advertising

Since my friend recently got me hooked on the NBC television series Heroes, I spent the majority of my weekend catching up on the first season on DVD. In case you haven’t seen it (or even heard of it like me), it’s a sci-fi drama about people who discover they have unbelievable super powers and realize their destiny is to work together to save the world. Sounds pretty wild, I know. I became intrigued in the complex puzzle-like plot as each of the unique characters cross paths with others like them. Since each character had a specific role in the greater picture, they managed to work towards something monumental as a team.

It’s sort of like DDA in a way. We have extraordinarily talented artists in every department. Whether we are creating high-tech virtual medical simulations, interactive e-Learning tools, 3-D animations, or developing mobile-friendly websites with Apple Savvy, our team of high skilled graphic designers, motion artists, and web programmers work together to provide you with an affordable high quality product. It’s superhero marketing in the 21st century!