Supplies for an Optimized Website

I am a huge crafter. I could spend hours just walking around a craft store, collecting ideas and then making little handmade things at home.

When I was growing up, my mom always had a fully stocked bin of paint, glue, pom poms, pipe cleaners and the ever important and hard to manipulate, big box of craft sticks. Now the necessity of 1000 Popsicle sticks for three children is beyond me, but here I am with my very own box of craft sticks for my children to rummage through.

Now, there is only so much that you can really do with Popsicle sticks. Glue together a birdhouse, napkin holder, frame for a picture, but kids just love getting messy and giving their parents a handmade gift. I just love to hear “Mommy, look what I made” and then having to keep every little piece of artwork that they have glued together.

In a way I guess graphic designers feel the same sense of pride when completing a website design. Sure, they aren’t getting messy painting or gluing with craft sticks, but instead working their magic with a paintbrush in Photoshop and creating webpages in Dreamweaver.

A sample supply list for a well optimized website would include:

keyword-rich content
focused meta tags
detailed image file names
detailed page file names
alternate text

My time to craft is very limited these days, mostly taking the little time that I have to create scrapbooks for my kids. But at least I get to get crafty with my optimization techniques for the websites enrolled in the Sure Thing Optimization Program.