Take a Bite

One of my latest little project ventures is done and posted on DDA’s new AppleSavvy website. I worked on the area with the 6 boxes and a picture of an apple. This was the second of my latest ventures into new territory with jQuery and some more involved javascript and CSS. Now try it out for yourself by clicking on the buttons. An information box will roll out underneath and can be clicked on to take you to another section. Also, you will notice that the apple gets a bite taken out of it. Keep clicking and you’ll see the entire apple get eaten to the core and the tabs open and close as you click. You can even browse the whole website and the apple will remain as eaten as you left it the entire time, thanks to a javascript cookie implementation. Go ahead and try it out for yourself and take a few bites. It’s strangely entertaining.

This just in. I have to make one more change, so I guess it isn’t final. It still currently works perfectly fine, but we are adding an additional graphic element to increase ease of use for visitors. As usual, we are always on the lookout to perfect the things we make and get them to be the best that they can be. What’s the point if it’s not your best?

This little advanced programming project is just a taste of what DDA can do for you. We offer more than just programming and custom web design services. We also do 3D animation, digital photography, videography, apple iPhone/iPad website conversion, copywriting, print design, video editing, flash animation, streaming video, and more. So bring any media related project that you have to DDA and I’m sure that we’ll be able to tackle it and bring the same creativity and skill to it that we did for the AppleSavvy website. We’ll also of course make sure that the final product will be the best that we can make.