Take Your Own Advice

Everyday I feel like I am “on” from the second I wake up until I lay my head down and (after a few tosses and turns) I fall asleep. I am constantly running here and there, doing this and getting that for everyone around me. Yesterday, my fiancee came home from work and he was obviously physically exhausted. So instead of having him occupy the kids while I make dinner, I told him to go lay down and relax, knowing that I would be making dinner while refereeing a wrestling match between my boys, helping my daughter with her homework and switching the wash.

I keep telling myself that one day I will let myself relax, today is not that day. My daughter is currently suffering with the same fever that my son brought home last week, so I am working from home…again. Sure it’s tempting to curl up in bed with her and watch movies all day, but there is too much website optimization to be completed. I have links to add to the keyword-rich content of a medical website we created, I have more sites that need the AddThis button I discussed yesterday, and will be updating rankings reports that show increasing rankings in the search engines.

Today, as my role will bounce back and forth between Mom and SEO Specialist, I will be giving doses of medicine while submitting press releases. I will implement website optimization techniques with an occasional break to replace the cool washcloth that is laying on her forehead. And I will be bringing up toast and juice while files are downloading for the site that needs meta tags focused.

Relaxation seems so far away, maybe it will happen another day!