Taking an Opportunity when you Have it

Or better still, taking advantage of that favorable or advantageous circumstance when presented and turning it into a chance for progress and advancement. Much like the Philadelphia Eagles did this weekend. Not only did they have the pleasure of humiliating the Dallas Cowboys, but due to a combination of circumstances, were able to advance to the playoffs.

This advancement was most likely not due to their playoff beards but because they seized an opportunity that was available to them. Sadly many companies are missing a playoff sized opportunity every week. That opportunity is their website. By now, most companies have a website but they have them just because they are supposed to have a web presence. They are glossy on-line brochures that, at best, allow the company to say to a potential client, “Please look at my website for more information.”

The problem they are missing is, they first had to find that potential client and then tell them about their site; when in reality there are another thousand similar clients actively looking for their company, but never find them because their website does not rank well in Google and the other top search engines for the correct keywords that they would need to be found under.

Here at DDA, we have a whole in-house team of Search Engine Marketing Specialists, who will not only get your company’s site ranked, but ranked for the correct keywords to bring the most targeted traffic to your site. Not just 10, 15 or even 25 words but hundreds even thousands of critical keyword terms that will not only increase traffic to your site but increase conversions.

Call us today and let us show you actual results and listings from many of our clients, and see for yourself what an opportunity this is.