Team Work is Crucial

Team work is crucial to reach success, regardless if it is within a company or day-to-day tasks. This weekend my fiance, brother, and I tackled to job of removing a Maple tree from my aunt’s front yard. It was quite risky as the tree extended over the top of her house. With a little thought and teamwork, we successfully pulled every limb down without damage to the home.

At DDA, we are a team and are constantly running ideas by each other, keeping each other in the loop on projects, and just saying hello as we pass in the halls. Without constant contact with each other, projects would slip through the cracks and do so unnoticed. Having daily tasklists, various meetings, and an extensive CC list for all emails there are far less instances where something can slip through the cracks unnoticed.

While we are copywriters, graphic designers, programmers, videographers, illustrators, animators, and SEO specialists we are a team that must work and function together without missing a beat.