Technology Can Be Intimidating

So, I know the basic ins and outs but I am far from a technical guru. Recently I made the move to upgrade my personal cell phone to a Blackberry 9700. It is exciting yet at the same time slightly overwhelming. Now there is no excuse as to why I didn’t respond. Whether someone calls, sends a SMS or MMS message, or an email they all funnel into one place; my cell phone.

I got the hang of things pretty quickly but have also been experiencing a few bumps in the road. First, my Gmail account does not import correctly. It does import and I do get my messages however they are not importing to the correct location so it take a few additional steps than normal to see what I have received. I have call my provider tech support as well as Blackberry support and I seem to have them all stumped. All they can tell me to do is a master restore.

Words like “master restore” are enough to send chills down my spine. On the phone they make it sound so easy. They simply have told me to backup my files and contacts to my computer and then perform a system wipe. After which point I will need to download my backup onto my phone to reinstall everything. Ideally that sounds all and well however I still am not 100% sure how to back up ALL my files and I am terrified of losing data. So, it has been two weeks now that I’ve been dealing with an improperly working email account because technology is intimidating.

The same could be said for your next big corporate project. Maybe you are looking into developing a new website, a medical training video, or and interactive learning tool. Just reading those terms can make some people uneasy. That is why DDA is here, to guide and assist you with your advertising and marketing needs. So if you are ready to take the initial step give us a call. With our trained team we can most certainly meet, most likely exceed, your needs.