Thank Goodness for Websites

I must say that I am very happy that I can get almost any information that I need by clicking around the Internet. I am not one to want to pick up the phone and talk to people that I do not know about services they provide. I would much rather fill out a contact-us form or send an email to get the information that I need.

With an upcoming wedding, I have been visiting websites and sending emails a lot. The vendor providing my chair covers for the reception, did not have an email or website address listed on her business card; this struck me as being very strange. Who doesn’t have an email or website address these days? I mean, even my daughter has one and she’s only 9! Anyway, I have been going back and forth leaving messages with her and it has been very, VERY frustrating. On the other hand, there is the company handling the digital photography of the event. I needed a document from him, so I emailed him and within minutes there it was, all wrapped up in PDF format in my Inbox.

I am always on the Internet and searching for things on Google daily, and the sites with proper website optimization turn up at the top spot. At DDA, a search engine marketing company, we have 1,713 terms that rank in the top spot on Google. From 3-d animation services to digital video editing service and medical print advertisements to wide format graphics, DDA ranks #1 for these and many other digital services.

So if you are in the need of website design and development, turn to DDA. We can create keyword-rich content about your services, implement website optimization techniques to achieve higher rankings in the search engines, and have a programmer create a contact-us form so people like me can get the information they are looking for.