The 200 Club

Well, well, well, the day has finally come where I join the prestigious ranks of the people who have written 200 blog entries at DDA.  By prestigious ranks of people I of course mean Jess since she was the first and only one to break this barrier.  My 200th blog was actually yesterday’s blog but I was so used to the normal routine of writing a blog and submitting it that I didn’t even realize that my 200th had come until today.

Just think of all the advanced programming and animation wisdom I have imparted through all those blogs.  Well it might not be that much, but there are little helpful nuggets here and there.  There are definitely plenty of keywords nestled in the content.  It’s easy to talk about different areas of DDA and its different services everyday because there are just so many.  So for the 201st time I will cycle through just some of them. We do 3D modeling and animation, video editing, digital photography, copywriting, graphic design, and much more.  What? You know this already because you’ve read my 200 blogs before this one?  Well tough, because you’re going to hear it again.  Maybe someone out there hasn’t read any of my previous blogs, so quit complaining.

If you check out the numbers, which only the bloggers can do by checking the “Category” dropdown box under the “Manage” tab, Elizabeth and Toni should hit the 200 mark in another 3 to 4 weeks with Laura and Jake another couple weeks behind them and the rest kind of drop off.  But rest assured, once each person hits the 200 mark they will each get their own office celebration and ceremonial golden keyboard award.  Well none of that really happens, but it can be a small mental achievement for anyone that does it.  Theoretically, in time everyone will get there.

So where do I go from here you ask?  Well I suppose I’ll continue on as I was and go about my business.  I’ll quietly set my sights on 300 and when reached I’ll just have another little mental party for myself.