The 3 legs to website optimization

Optimizing your website for search engines consists of three main distinct legs. Well, two really distinct legs; and one blurry one.

These are:

    • Onsite Optimization
    • Offsite Optimization
    • Domain Authority

Onsite Optimization
This refers to all that you have full control over with the actual website itself.

This itself is split up into the:
Site structure – How the menu is engineered for the information architecture, the use of sitemap aml files, etc.
Page structure – How the actual code in implemented , CSS layout, H1 header, alt text, etc.
Page content – Keyword rich content that the pages are built with

Offsite Optimization
The method of increasing a web site’s rankings by influencing its relationships with other websites, primarily links found on other web sites.
The factors here are Quantity of links, the Quality of the link, the site it comes from ,and the content on that site, including the anchor link
Also, the site’s social media presence

Domain Authority
This is the blurry one, as it take s a bit from both of the previous legs but covers issuse like, the age of the domain, when the site was first and last cached in Google, traffic growth patterns, etc.