The 5th of November

A long time ago in a country far away, on a day not unlike today, one man (and his merry men) decided that the best solution for governmental overhaul was to completely and literally destroy it.  Movies and comics have been made glorifying the deed as well as condemning it, and the relevance of this sort of behavior seems to be all the more present in the politics of today.  Some days it makes me wonder if we’re ever going to learn from history, or just going to continue to repeat the doom.

On this 5th of November at DDA, I plan on remembering.  Every project and every bit of knowledge we gain every day teaches us.  We learn, albeit slowly, how we can make our little world better.  As a rule, if we stop learning, we stop improving ourselves.  I guess this is why I strive to learn something new every day.  I don’t always find a new idea by reading a blog, but sometimes I find a better idea just looking at what I did in the past.  It’s funny when you’re a programmer, you can literally see the evolution of an idea over time in your code.  Now it’s not like reading a book, but it’s certainly like looking through the pages of history.  Sometimes I’d have a great idea but I didn’t at the time have the skills or knowledge to put it into practice.

Coldfusion has evolved a lot since I began working with it, and so my code could evolve.  I just can’t let myself continue to stand still.  There’s a new world of rich Internet application development out there, and plenty of people who have forged their way before me, I just have to follow the path, but not forget where I’ve come from.