The ABCs OF Building Blocks

Last Wednesday, our newly painted and shampooed Dynamic Digital Advertising offices were a very big mess. WHY? Well, because we upgraded all the insulation in our building. Actually, more than half the building had no insulation. When the workers opened the drop ceiling in the Video Studio all kinds of crap (excuse me) fell out. The work was dirty and dusty for the masked workers, agony for us who had to work around it. Fortunately, Vinnie and Tyler could close their door while they figured out lines of code. It got stuffy in there, but they worked. Bless their programming hearts.  And the second floor, where our professional writers toil, and (is also the location of our main conference room for client meetings and conference calls), felt like an oven since the insulators were working in three separate attics!   I am incredulous that the former occupants just kept adding AC units or heating units to compensate for the lack of insulation. What an expensive exercise that must have been. Not to say anything about the very uneven mini climates in the different areas. Wish they could experience the difference now. And I am sure when we get the bill from the electric company, I’ll be relieved to see the numbers drop, instead of spiral. July has been unusually hot: high 93 degrees today, 94 tomorrow, same for Friday. Now, we need the cleaning crew to wipe down the walls, we may have to do touch up painting, and lots more vacuuming. But, the whole building will be comfortable from here on in.

This whole episode reminds me of the numerous times David has tried to explain to companies how important it is to build right from the get go. Why would a company not find out all the facts necessary before they decide to embark on a project? Why put a band aid on a nonfunctioning website for example? (WE WON’T). And sometimes it angers a would-be client when we refuse, but DDA only does work that is WIN-WIN.  Search engine optimization is an integral part of a good website. User-friendly navigation requires thought and the right architecture. Our web developers, graphic designers, and content writers are diligent and experienced and if a companies would take the time to look at our portfolios in both the corporate site and the medical site, they would realize what they have to do for their own projects. Wasting money because of the lack of due diligence seems crazy.