The Battle with Heat

The weekend for me was a hot one. I was visiting my girlfriend in Philadelphia and she somehow is living in the summer heat wave on the top floor of an apartment with one tiny window with no air conditioning. It was, needless to say, horrific. We wrangled with all the primitive cooling solutions one could try, but they always came to an end quicker than you could sigh in relief. The ice would melt or the water would evaporate and we’d be back to square one. It was a full time task to keep cool. During the day we were able to go swimming in some places or hang out in air conditioned buildings, but at night it was the worst. Sleep was hard to come by and I woke up often. Her tiny window wasn’t even facing a good direction where a breeze could flow in and bring with it the cooler night air. I survived up until Sunday when we were greeted with a wonderful strong downpour and a great cold front. The living atmosphere became tolerable again, even pleasant I would say. We were actually caught outside in the thick of the downpour so we were soaked and it felt wonderful.

Luckily for DDA workers, our building is fully equipped with air conditioning at a comfortable level. We know it can get unbearable without it, thanks to the upstairs unit breaking down once before. Nice temperatures year-round let us focus on the work at hand instead of only how to keep cool or warm. That way the 3D animation, advanced programming, corporate video, digital photography, custom web design, copywriting, and more can all be worked on with clear heads in comfort. DDA offers all of these services and more and they are available for you today. Call us or schedule a visit and see what we can do for you.