The Curse of A Working Mother’s Mind

All day long my mind is racing. As a working mom, when I’m at work I am thinking about the needs at home; when I’m at home I am thinking about the daily workload at DDA. Each morning while I’m in the midst of making 3 breakfasts, 5 lunches, tackling kids to get their clothes on and such, I am also thinking “Is any of this bloggable?” or “I have to get that report updated and posted today.”

My brain is a swirling pot of thoughts about work, remembering backpacks, who needs to brush their teeth and the constant reminder to remember my own lunch, which sometimes is the only lunch left behind in the fridge. I drop the kids off making sure that I have the proper lunches in the right backpacks, making sure the homework book is in there and reminding myself to sign the kids in at the front door.

Ah, the relaxing ride to work…well almost. By this point, I am recapping my morning and making sure that I didn’t forget any essentials for anyone. I am also making the mental list of tasks when I walk into DDA, a search engine marketing company. I finally get to sit at my desk and read through my emails. While the emails overflow my Inbox, I am thinking about my blog topic, website statistic emails that I need to send and which website will be first in line for optimization today.

Something magical happens when I begin website optimization, I am able to silence (or at least tone it down to a hush) the thoughts and focus on the tasks at hand. There is the occasional “What should I make for dinner” or “I need to run to the store” thought that creeps in. But for the most part, its thinking about focusing meta tags and other search engine optimization technique thoughts that are swirling around in my mind.