The Daily Routine

Each person has their own routines throughout the day. My morning consists of getting four people ready, packing five lunches, packing up three schoolbags, preparing three separate breakfasts (plus mine if I’m lucky!), dressing two wiggling boys, brushing three sets of teeth, chasing two boys to put their shoes on, putting on my daughter’s earrings and combing one ponytail… and this is all before 8 a.m.

When I walk into DDA, a search engine marketing company, I also have my routine that starts out with saying Good Morning to Debbie as I make my way to my desk. I turn on my computer, login to the TRAC, put my lunch away, open emails, open the DDA Calendar and prepare to blog.

It is interesting to see each morning the conference calls and client meetings that are scheduled for the day. Today there are website design and trade show graphic meetings on the list. From programmers to copywriters and graphic designers to flash animators, we each have our own routine around here. We can even tell when it’s lunchtime, it usually starts with a copywriter or two coming down the steps followed by a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. The video guys eat next, then it’s usually a programmer and a graphic designer or two.

No matter what the routine, everyone accomplishes their workload and keeps the projects running smoothly. Now, if you’ll excuse me I need to check the statistics for a window replacement website that we designed and email the information to David… this is the 9 o’clock step in my routine.