The Devil is in the Details

Currently our programmers and webmaster are working through a process plan for a sophisticated and secure web portal. In concept, it all seems clear and straightforward but when you begin to apply the programming logic, it suddenly turns into a complex puzzle. I have to tell you, I do not envy the responsibilities of our programming staff. It takes a special mind and a special personality to tackle these complex projects and luckily for DDA, we have an entire staff exemplifying these qualities. As for me? Not so much. I’ll happily sit on the side lines and leave the master plan to those who know best.

However taxing and frustrating these plans may be, they are a necessity. They lay the foundation of a project and foster efficiency. With a solid plan, several talents can work in tandem to progress development, satisfy deadlines, and  most importantly, fulfill expectations. Programming is not an organic process.Database tables must be well thought out. Functionality relationships must be defined. If a programmer begins a process without thinking it through, multiple revisions and reprogramming is a guaranteed reality.That is why every programming-intensive project starts with a plan.