The Fragile Economy

I was talking to a very good friend in Toronto last night and the conversation turned to the Canadian economy after we got done with our usual garden talk (she is an incredible gardener and when I first saw the magic she created 15 years ago in a very small yard, I became her biggest fan).

Anyway back to job creation. Seems like Canada is on a roll economically. Unemployment is at 7.9 percent (wish we could say that about any American State) and job creation surged unexpectedly in June. She says that even with the slowing economic growth, over all, the private sector is strong and reflects an expanding economy. (I paraphrase here. Since she is an economist, and works in the financial sector, her comments were based on very current statistics.)

I was envious when we got off the phone. American has the strongest economy in the world and our recession just drags on. So many people are discouraged and not even looking for work because the business community as a whole is unwilling to hire. WHY?

Here is what one of our client’s wrote in their latest company newsletter. The writer is the CEO: “Free market capitalism, in spite of its imperfections and excesses, remains the best economic system in the world for providing wealth-creation opportunities and for raising the standard of loving for an entire society. The castigation of the American business community and the class warfare emanating from Washington may provide for good political theater, but it is simply counterproductive to getting this country’s economy back on track.

“…until the business community feels like partners with government rather than adversaries who are blamed for much of what some perceive as wrong in our country–I believe a sustainable and significant recovery remains in jeopardy.”

At DDA we continue to be blessed with work. Our video and photography commitments keep that department humming. And our business development team press onward in search of new clients. Soon, I hope the general anxiety will ease, the country won’t continue to be so polarized and our persistence as an interactive medical marketing company will be rewarded.