The Glitz and Glamor without the Sneezing

Well, it’s official, I’m allergic to major cities, which just plain stinks. I love the city; any city I suppose; well there are one or two exceptions, but I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. My primary attraction is the cultural diversity, accessibility to the arts, and the fact there are typically bakeries with fresh bread, delicatessens with hard-to-come-by ingredients, and lots of coffee shops right there all over the place

Unfortunately, my body doesn’t seem to share the same enthusiasm. Some people are allergic to the country; I’m allergic to cities. When I went to NYC not long ago, I spent most of the time with swollen eyes, sneezing like a mad woman. This past weekend we were in Boston and, while not as bad, there was again the continuous sneezing and swollen eyes. Oh well. At least that will make my boyfriend happy. He’s very much country folk and his dream is to move to the middle of nowhere.

Luckily for you, at DDA our services are non-allergenic.  So no matter what you choose, including video production, animations,  website design and development, search engine marketing, or even print design and production, you’ll never have to worry about breaking out in an allergic reaction.

Plus with our innovative, state-of-the-art offerings, like virtual medical simulations,  eLearning platforms, and Flash conversion and iPad and iPhone friendly development through our new division, AppleSavvy, we have all the glitz and glamor of a big city, without the off-the-wall pricing.

I’m certainly not going to let my allergy keep me from visiting major cities when I have the chance; I’ll just have to give up on my dream of being Ann Marie or Mary Tyler Moore.