The Grass is Always Greener at DDA

Everywhere you look nowadays, things are “going green”. I have picked up a few reusable shopping bags myself and started recycling at home. At DDA, we have become more and more eco-friendly recently, more about this can be read at the Green DDA section of our website. From our four day work week to turning off equipment each night, DDA has been steadily going green.

What other thoughts come to mind when thinking about “green”?

How about dollars and cents? DDA’s digital advertising and marketing services are offered at below market pricing, saving our clients a lot of “green”.

With the economy acting the way that is has been, companies are cutting back any way they can. Luckily with our low prices, DDA is able to continue producing high quality online applications, trade show displays, medical webcasting and corporate or medical videos that our clients are able to afford.

So whether you need a medical webcast, website design or catalog design, turn to DDA and we will save you some green!