The Heat is On to Focus on the Tasks at Hand

It is 10:30 a.m. in the morning and already it is over 80F outside, and they say that it will reach over 100F by this afternoon. The heat tends to exhaust everyone’s energy, which may be why the office has been so quiet this morning.

Everyone here at DDA is focused on their projects at hand and enjoying the air-conditioned office. As I sit here writing this blog, checking email, and prioritizing my day, I cannot help but wonder if the excessive heat will keep the tree service from taking down the unsightly Spruce tree on my front lawn. I must focus on my work and complete the tasks at hand in a timely manner.

My to-do list for today looks something like:

1. Check email from the weekend and respond to any messages that require reply.

2. Record data from client Pay Per Click campaigns and analyze to assure all is performing correctly.

3. Return client phones calls in regards to search engine marketing.

4. Invoice completed projects from previous week.

5. Website updates for a DDA Medical client.

6. Website buildout for a leading jewelry e-commerce website

While the list does not look long, it’s is only what I currently am aware of needing to complete today. There is no doubt in my mind that as the day progresses there will be many items that sneak their way into my day. That is what makes working at DDA so enjoyable, knowing that everyday will be slightly different from all the rest… and that the office is air conditioned!!