The Importance of Thoroughness

In preparation for my brother’s 16th birthday party, a large portion of my weekend was spent cleaning. On top of the routine vacuuming, dusting, and sweeping, I washed the moldings, kitchen cabinets and back splash, stove, and grout lines. Additionally, I rearranged the furniture and addressed all dust bunnies that sought haven under the couch, chairs, and dining room furniture and cleaned all window sills and glass panes. It always amazes me how dirty things can get. Even with routine maintenance, dirt builds up in those hard to reach and see places. Despite orderly appearances, upon close inspection, what looks to be a clean house turns out to be quite a dirty one. As a result, it is always advisable to perform an in-depth clean from time-to-time to identify and rectify the not-so-obvious areas of build up for a healthy home.

A parallel can be drawn between corporate and medical website maintenance and housekeeping.  Just like a home,  upon first inspection, all may seem well until you move a couch and discover an unpleasant surprise. As a full-service marketing and advertising agency that specializes in website design and development, it’s not about keeping up appearances, but backing an attractive aesthetic with a well thought out structure  for a site that is optimized and formatted for the best possible user experience.

Instead of a template derived  content management system, we build static HTML pages rich with SEO keyword content so our clients are seen on the top pages of major search engines like Google. Custom programmed functionality is tested to ensure cross compatibility and back-end features are molded around the unique needs of our clients for maximum productivity. No, the staff of DDA Corp and DDA Medical do much more than present good face; we dig in and get dirty for the best possible returns on our client’s investments.