The Long Road of Website Optimization

Lately I have been having trouble coming up with blog topics, I am sure that this is noticeable since I usually have my blog written with links embedded and keywords listed by 9:30 am. Today I was looking at my calendar picture for the last time since I will be flipping the page to April tomorrow. It shows a landscape of dry land with a small trees and high hills in the background, the caption reads, “Little by little, one walks far.”

I am able to make this bloggable since it made me think of website optimization. The climb to the top of the search engines does not happen overnight. We take small steps each month and over time we are able to see an increase in website traffic and higher rankings in search engines. Some clients expect their website to jump to the number one spot within days of joining our SureThing Optimization Program. Anyone with search engine optimization experience knows that you need to be patient and give the search engines time to index your website with new optimization elements implemented.

So now I picture my calendar page with a number one symbol at the top of the highest hill, and little by little a website that I optimize will make it to the top of the hill and land at the number one spot!