The Need for Speed

Do you watch Speed TV? Have you ever seen PINKS or PINKS All Out? PINKS was the original series where drivers raced for slips (owners papers). The show’s catchphrase is “Lose the Race, Lose your Ride!” Two racers would race best-out-of-three and the winner walked away with the other driver’s car.

The newest series is PINKS All Out and it is not as ego-busting as the original. They take eight racers and give each of them $1,000. This money is then to be used to bet against your opponent, each driver agrees to put in a certain amount of their $1,000 and the winner walks away with it all. Should you lose you are are out of the lineup. They whittle it down to two drivers who proceed to run best-out-of-three for the grand prize of $10,000.

Well, this weekend we ventured to Raceway Park in Englishtown, New Jersey to attend a taping of PINKS All Out! It was exciting and interesting. There is a great deal that goes into picking the top 16 drivers who will race for the grand prize. The gates opened, and at 9 a.m. the time trials began and carried on throughout the day until around 5 p.m. Once each of the 450 drivers had an opportunity to show what they could do, Speed TV selected a quarter mile time that they wanted to film. From this time they selected 16 drivers who had the closest times and there they had their top 16 to race for the $10,000 grand prize. The top 16 drivers, along with the show’s videographers, host, and assorted other behind-the-scenes crew got to the track around 7 p.m. and they were off. It quickly went from 16 cars to eight, to four, to two. The biggest delay in the whole process was when they had to pause to tape the closeups of the host talking to the drivers and the drivers wagering their bets.

It was very interesting to see the process take place, and when the show airs I will be sure to place bets with anyone for a little money!