The Next Step in Optimization

When it comes to search engine optimization, throwing in some meta tags and adding alternate text just doesn’t cut it. We have websites that have been in our SureThing Optimization Program for several years and the rankings have continuously increased. Don’t get me wrong, on-site optimization is important, just not as important as it once was. Years ago, keywords were everything. Nowadays, you can have as many keywords in your meta tag as you want, but if your site doesn’t have keyword-rich pages of content to support those keywords, they are useless.

The next step in website optimization is becoming more involved in the social media websites that seem to be taking over the Internet. We have already begun to create pages for our clients in a few social sites, and will continue to do so on a larger scale in the near future.

With social media outlets becoming increasingly popular in today’s marketing strategies, we believe that this is an important part of website optimization.