The People’s Choice

The People’s Choice Awards were on last night and Katy Perry ended up hauling in the most awards. This is an awards show based strictly on the online voting of fans. It was the most votes that have ever been cast, but I am kind of curious to see the demographic breakdown of the voters. Are these voters a really fair breakdown of the population to allow the title of “People’s Choice”? I think not. I think that the voting is highly skewed to the younger generation. The younger generation is far more likely to vote online. Many older people did not grow up with the internet and still don’t have a full grasp of it. I’d also venture to say that many older Americans either have less time to waste going to vote on stuff like this or just don’t care at all. This gives the shows and artists with a younger demographic a clear advantage. I can’t say that a lot of these winners don’t deserve to win their awards, but I can say that many shows and artists probably got short shrift as far as voting representation goes. We’d need a more scientific distribution of voting rights through the population and a strictly enforced limit of 1 vote per person, but all of that is too involved for an unimportant awards show so no one will ever pay the money to do it. I’ll just always have to wonder if the winners are really the “true” people’s choice.

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