“The Secret of Victory Lies in the Organization of the Non-Obvious”

 A quote from Marcus Aurelius 

A little organization goes a long way. Unfortunately my Dad is a tragic mess. My little brother Adam turned 16 yesterday and had plans to get his permit, but thanks to my Dad’s lack of file maintenance, his Birth Certificate could not be located despite several hours of searching. In fact, this is starting to become a tradition. When I was scheduled to take my Driver’s License, it was the owner’s card that my Dad could not locate.  When my older brother went in for his driver’s test, my Dad realized at the last minute that his license was expired. So with this next mishap, he has vowed to get himself in order and while he has no intention of becoming a clean freak, he is determined to establish a system for himself concerning important documents and his most dreaded nemesis, mail.

It all comes down to process. At our full-service corporate and medical marketing and advertising agency, we are sticklers for efficiency and with that comes the need for organization. By implementing detailed process plans and developmental milestones, the graphic designers, custom programmers, professional copywriters, and video technicians fulfill our client’s exact specifications on time and within budget. Whether an organization hires DDA for our extensive eLearning capabilities that include custom 2D and 3D medical animation, or our web development services, such as eCommerce cart creation and search engine optimized online destinations, clients can have confidence knowing that when it is go time, an unwanted afterthought will not  rear its ugly head.

Now if only my Dad could get it together. Perhaps Crystal, our Administrative Coordinator and uber organized associate, can give my Dad a crash course on the aforementioned art form. So Crystal, how bout it?