The Topical Relevance of Inbound Links to Site

Often over looked in the frenzy to get incoming links is the subject-specific relationship or theme between a website, the page the link is on, and the content on the target page and not just the the keyword used. We all know that like the Google bomb, if you get enough people to point to you using a specific keyword then you can rank high for that term without actually featuring that word on your site.

But less people know that the words surrounding the link and the page itself, plus even the content of the site where the links comes from, are also weighting factors when it comes to how Google perceives your page.

Imagine you have a website about sedan cars. Below, in ascending order, is how you can garner a better result for this in Google:

* If you have link to this site, good
* If the link says sedan cars
* If the paragraph surrounding it talks about beige Chevy Malibu’s and silver Toyota Corollas
* If the page that paragraph is on talks about lack of definite or distinctive characteristics with no qualities requisite for spiritedness and originality
* If that page belongs on a site about things my grandmother would own

Google take into account the context of the surrounding material and applies that to the value of the link you have.

So to sum up all links are not made equal.