The Waiting is the Hardest Part

So today is the day that we find out if we will be the owners of a home that we recently placed a bid on, and the waiting is killing me! I feel like a senior getting through their last day of high school, I am just watching the clock and each minute seems to take an eternity. I am trying to think positive and keep telling myself that a slow yes is better than a quick no, but I am losing my patience. Every time my phone rings, I get excited thinking it’s the realtor and then am let down when it’s not.

I guess I know how our clients feel on the day of a new website launch. Something that they have been excited about since the initial project meeting with our graphic designers and copywriters, will finally be completed and visible online. The previous months of content development, website design layouts, and approvals are all over and now they just need to patiently wait for their “Congratulations, your website is live” email.

Tom Petty said it the best, “The waiting is the hardest part”