The Way It Is

One cool thing about DDA is the access I have to experienced professionals in nearly all creative and technical fields — programming, graphic design, copywriting, video production, website design and development, search engine marketing (SEM), animation, and on and on.

Yes I am a writer, yes I’d consider myself very creative, and yes I’ve worked for a full-service interactive and traditional marketing and advertising company for the past three years, but I am not a designer, I am not very good with a camera, and I’m not about to start giving anyone IT support. With DDA, I don’t need to be any of these things. I can happily coordinate projects involving several different departments, conceptualize complex eLearning platforms with virtual medical simulations, and plot out a new website, and know that my fabulous coworkers will back me up each step of the way.

The reason we’re able to dream so big at DDA is because we have the people who can do the work. We never have to stop and say “Wait, how are we going to do this?” Even if it’s something we’ve never done before, we figure it out and do it well. That’s just the way it is at DDA.