“There can be only one”

I seem to have missed the fact that I hit the 400th blog mark. Hooray me. That’s a lot of blogs, but speaking of a lot, did anyone else hear about the absurdly long marathon match in tennis at Wimbledon. It broke a ridiculous amount of records because of its length. The match so far has lasted 10 hours. I say “so far” because the match still isn’t actually over. The game was postponed due to nightfall and will be finished, hopefully, this afternoon. So after 10 hours, 163 games, and 1,000 plus points, they have to play more. They are locked at a 59-59 tie in games in the final set. Of course that set alone set numerous records.

It is a ridiculous feat that may never be matched again. Who would want to anyway? These players were completely exhausted and rightfully so. I don’t know who will win yet, but you can’t help but have sympathy for whoever comes out as the loser in the match. They obviously are very evenly matched and both have the heart and drive to keep performing at their best throughout such a marathon match. They are both people that you could root for just because of that. Half the football players that get paid millions would have become big babies by now if they were in that spot because they are all spoiled, or look at the French soccer team in the World Cup who created all sorts of drama and played horribly and just made themselves look whiny and immature. So I applaud both of these tennis players, but as they say in Highlander, “There can be only one.”

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