This is IT

No, I didn’t go to see the movie. In the non-musical and celebrity free world of DDA, DDA Video and DDA Medical, IT stands for Information Technology. Whether IT be Corporate IT or Healthcare IT or just general office IT, this really is IT.

IT is commonly used to describe everything from software installation, to operating system training and support to hardcore programming and application development. Each new wave of technology driven innovation results in the IT systems that build it, support it, scale it and enhance it.

While DDA Corporate, DDA Video and DDA Medical are not in the business of software install, training or support, or even in networking issues, DDA is unequalled in its ability to build complex websites, programming, functional portals, personal health records, medical CMEs, elearning platforms, interactive videos, animations and so much more.

We used to say, back in the old days of 1995, we were digital before digital was cool. Back then there were no others that were totally digital, today, there are none other that can build what we can build in-house.

I guess back then and still today…This really is IT!