Time Flies…

Lately it has amazed me how quickly the days are flying by. My daughter just turned 9 and celebrated her First Holy Communion. It seems like just yesterday I was counting down the days until my due date.

The same can be said for the days that I have worked at DDA, a graphic design company. This year marks 12 years that I have been working with this company. I still remember getting a phone call from my older sister who was then a Graphic Designer with DDA. I was home from school and was asked if I could come in and help put together a product catalog that was designed by DDA. Before working here, I never really used computers. Then I became proficient on a Mac. Over the years, I was in charge of mailing lists, software, data entry, proofreading, and many other tasks that could look like a laundry list if every aspect was included.

Today, my title is simply a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. This is not something that happened overnight and it wasn’t quite simple either.

Back when I started to learn about the techniques used for website optimization, things were much simpler. But back then, the switch from using a Mac to switching to a PC was my hardest challenge! As each year passed, I became more and more independent in my website optimization. And now, I handle all of these websites each month without a second thought.

So here I am today, three children later, still managing to keep up with the latest search engine marketing and optimization tips and trends. Time flies when you’re having fun! Enjoy your weekend everyone!