Timing, Idea, and Execution

When I was a kid (well, more accurately all the way to late teens), my sister and I couldn’t wait until Christmas to exchange gifts. We would, inevitably, year after year, exchange well before the day you’re supposed to swap presents. This, naturally, has changed with our age and no longer living in the same house. But this weekend I was reminded of it when my boyfriend and I finally broke down yesterday evening and exchanged one present. Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong one and he wound up opening something less than exciting, but my gift was wonderful — a wrought iron pot hanger for our kitchen. We’re in the middle of a kitchen update so it was good timing, and I’ve always wanted such a contraption since the days of watching “Who’s the Boss” as a kid and seeing the copper pots hanging from the ceiling. Sad, I know, but whatever.

In a way, you can say my boyfriend knew his audience, and knew it well. He was itching to give that to me because of the time I’ve been investing in renovating the kitchen; he knew I’d love it and he wanted to start including it in our plans for development. He had the timing, the idea, and the execution 100 percent correct. I can’t say the same thing about myself.

When it comes to medical and healthcare IT companies, some things can’t be left to chance or to your own efforts. Yes, you may correctly identify a need, like an online training portal or new DVD or even a patient brochure, but do you know the marketing messages to include? Can you create an industry-leading medical design? Can you do high-quality video production? DDA Medical develops large-scale eLearning platforms and robust website design and development projects, with search engine marketing (SEM), so we know exactly what it takes to be successful.

With us, you don’t need to guess about the timing, idea, or worry about the execution. We guide you through each step to make sure online training, patient outreach, pharmaceutical drug marketing, or whatever else you may need, has an end result just as favorable as my reaction when opening my gift yesterday, maybe even more.