Tired Tuesday…

After making it through my weekly case of the Mondays, next up comes the Tired Tuesdays. It’s not so bad, since at DDA, we work a four-day work week. So after today my week is half over.

With my cappuccino in hand, I check my emails, check my calendar to see which websites I will be optimizing today, and of course there is that request for something that was not scheduled. All tasks will be handled, completed and all of this with a smile on my face to compensate for the bags under my eyes.

Website optimization is a tricky task. Knowing what the major search engines are looking for and implementing those items into your website without changing the website design, functionality and overall appearance, can be challenging at times. And once Google changes its mind on what is the most important element for a website to have, I need to go back and make the updates.

Years ago, keywords were everything to Google. I would create lists and go back and forth with clients on which keywords were just right for their website. Nowadays, Google doesn’t even weigh as much importance on keywords as much as having keyword-rich content.

DDA, a search engine optimization and marketing company, stays ahead of the game and knows what optimization aspects to implement into our clients websites. Not to mention our own website that is over 3,000 pages! www.zeroonezero.com.

As I look at my day ahead, full of sips of cappuccino, Dreamweaver and Filezilla, I know that the efforts I put into my clients website, will over time increase their website rankings.

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!