Title Tags, Keywords and Descriptions… Oh My!

While optimizing the numerous websites in our SureThing Optimization Program, there are several steps that are made behind the scenes. I have had past clients receive my website optimization email and say, “I cannot see the work that you have described in your previous email.” This is because when I work my magic in the source code of a website, it is is not visible when looking over the website’s design.

As I go through and focus the meta tags, add header tags and improve image file names, this work seems to be overlooked. These factors are important to the search engines even though it may not show to the average user. Source code changes do not get the recognition that addition of text navigation, content links and alternate text do.

There are countless optimization steps that I implement into DDA’s clients’ websites over the enrollment period in our website optimization program. Each website has its own focused optimization; each site is treated on an individual basis. There is no blanket optimization done here.

Over time, I can see these website’s rankings continuously improve in the major search engines. It’s nice to know that my behind-the-scenes work can be a factor in achieving these rankings, even though they may not get the proper standing ovation that may be deserved.