To Blog or Not To Blog

The reasons people blog could be personal, business, or for pleasure. Everyone will have a different reasons as to why they blog. Some are blogging just because it is the latest trend. Blogging has grown over the years from a personal thing that one may do in their free time to something that people feel they must do to keep others engaged in their life.

As with anything, blogging has pros and cons and one should be aware of the effects that blogging could have on yourself, your business, or those you mention within your blog entry.

Some cons to blogging: You must be in the right mindset when you are writing. Blogs are great for company use as long as the information that you are sharing with your customers is meaningful and informative. The problem lies when you are writing just to fill space. Blogs need to have substance to them in order to keep your audience.

If there are cons there are always pros.

Some pros to blogging include: Blogging can be great for sharing information on specific topics and giving your professional opinion about something. Blogging may also improve the view point from an outside person/company on how they see your company. Blogging can also improve your organic search engine rankings.

The pros really do seem to outweigh the cons. So, contact DDA today to have a blog system integrated into your website! The possibilities are endless if approached the right way.