Today’s Society is Increasingly Interactive

Today is the beginning of an age of mass culture. Tabloids and the Internet are far more popular that the daily news. Society is no longer willing to settle for the information that news reporters think they should know. People crave the truth and getting what they want when they want it.

Sitting in a chair reading the newspaper or viewing a movie is becoming less and less acceptable. People would rather click a mouse and locate information via the web, only hoping that their source is accurate. Watching TV has become all about the reality TV shows and voting in some of the largest popularity contests ever! This is really no different than when crowds used to visit the circus side shows and gawk at the deformed humans who needed to make a living however possible.

You want me to sit here for two hours and stare at a screen to watch a movie, no thank you. Unless it is a 3D adventure film where I can be amidst the action. Go to the gym? Me? I have a Wii and their Active games – that counts as a work out! Right?!

People have developed a sense for immediate gratification and the more interactive something is the better.