Too Much of a Good Thing

In one week’s time, I baked and decorated 144 mini cupcakes – 4 dozen for my daughter’s birthday, another 4 dozen for a fundraiser and yet another 4 dozen for a Mother’s Day treat. Needless to say, it became way too much of a good thing and I will be delighted if I don’t see another mini cupcake for 6 months!

In the world of search engine optimization, a website can never have too much (optimization, not cupcakes). The words “too much keyword-rich content” will never be heard in regards to highly ranking websites.  In fact, the opposite is true. The more, the better. Search engines like to see websites that are updated regularly. They love to send their spiders crawling through page after page of content, optimized meta tags and sitemap.xml files.

After mixing all of the ingredients of optimization together and giving it time to bake in the search engines – increased rankings are icing on the cupcake! Well, website in this case.