Top Listing with No SEO or PPC

What?! Get my small business listed at the top of Google without using Adwords or spending months optimizing the you-know-what out of it?

In the words of a well-spoken African American presidential candidate, “Yes we can.”

But how is this possible you squeal in disbelief; next you’ll be telling me Tara Reid is up for an Oscar.

Well, not only is it possible, it is very easy to get this much-converted, but very elusive, top spot, from which, when you are located, will flood your site with traffic and stimulate your business like never before.

What you say? You need a map to this “G” spot?…. and there you have it, you have answered your own question. This position can be achieved using Google maps! Formally known as Google local.

You’ve probably used this application hundreds of times, but have you added your business to it? Google maps links to a huge yellow-pages-type database that contains millions of businesses, addresses, and locations.

Simply fill out your local business information, which Google will then verify with either a phone call or a postcard. After that, your business will be added to the system. You can now come up in Google’s main listing for searches that used localized terms combined with terms about your business.

For example, if Benjamin Franklin was around and typed into Google “bensalem kite shop,” two listings come up that are local businesses. Admittedly, it appears there are not many kite shops near Bensalem. But should Ben get hungry and type in “bensalem pizza,” then wow, eight listings on the top of the page.

So, with no search engine optimization or without any pay per click and just only 30 minutes of your time, you can obtain that elusive spot.