Training isn’t only for Seals

DDA’s corporate and medical website technology based training methods, are outlined in our DDA CMT website. We have broken down corporate and medical training into three sub-sections, Development, Deployment and Management.

Corporate and Medical Training development includes content development, concept development, design, audio narration, video integration, animation, programming, training, validation, certification and accreditation. We create innovative and interactive eLearning training tools with advanced programming all in-house. DDA has a wide range of training development services at affordable prices.

From live virtual training and web-based training to CD-ROMs, DVDs, PDAs, Ipods, training validation, certification and accreditation, DDA’s corporate and medical training deployment capabilities are endless. To keep up with fast-paced corporate and medical organization, turn to DDA and find the perfect way to utilize technology to your advantage.

If you need help managing surveys for automatic email distribution, administration control, updating tools as regulatory guidelines change, expanding or evolving tools over time, DDA’s management services are your answer. Managing your business’ training program is easy when you have DDA create a training program for you.