Trustful Marketing

Yesterday on NPR, I heard a very touching and somewhat alarming story. It was about a young girl who was born with a rare condition that makes her unable to distrust anyone or anything. Can you even imagine living in this world with that kind of incredible trust and open-handed attitude toward every person who comes your way? As you can imagine, the story was alarming because of the possible implications such a disorder could have. To hear her talk, however, was incredibly uplifting. Every word she said was loving and she oozed brightness and positivity. The story left me with an odd mix of happiness and sadness.

Unfortunately, a natural level of distrust is almost a necessary item in today’s world. I still believe strongly in giving people the benefit of that doubt and always trying to see the bright side. Negativity can be poisonous and there are people who will automatically distrust anyone who comes their way or assume every  person is doing them wrong. That type of reverse personality is almost as bad as complete trust, though for very different reasons.

At DDA, we work with all kinds of people in all industries. As our projects run the gamut from website design and development and search engine marketing (SEM) to video production, 2D and 3D animation, and virtual medical simulations, we are very used to working with people in all different circumstances as well. That makes us a pretty good judge of situations and people, but like our projects, every person and situation is unique and we must treat it as such. By keeping our mind’s open and taking each situation as it comes, we can more effectively innovate new ideas and develop the best solution to meet that need.